Journalist Elias was arrested by the New York police

Elias Hossain, an expatriate journalist in the United States, has been arrested for the third time. New York police arrested him on Sunday (February 18).

It is known that the New York Police Department started looking for him from Saturday night. Ever since Hulia was issued on him, he was changing his position several times.

Detective Brian Granshaw said that he was arrested in the Staten Island area on Sunday, New York local time.

While talking to journalists, Brian said that Elias Hossain was taken to 113 present jail in Jamaica today. He has to stay in jail all day today.

He will be produced in court on Monday (February 19) for bail. He is expected to be out on bail at that time.

Earlier on Saturday (February 17), a source in Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Kalbela that ‘hand over’ posters were put up on the door of Elias’ house and in different places of the city to hand him over.

Reportedly, journalist Elias was arrested on February 1 when he surrendered to police in a case filed by online activists Milton Jacob and Prima Rabbani in the Queens County Criminal Court. He was released after 6 hours of detention. He was scheduled to appear in court on January 17 but did not appear. As a result, he was charged with contempt of court.

Meanwhile, in the sensational Mitu murder case, a charge has been formed against Ilyas in the country’s court for providing and spreading false and untrue information.

In the case of PBI chief Banaj Kumar Majumder, the journalist was ordered to publish a notice in the newspaper to appear in court. Later, on January 18, the court of Tribunal Judge AM Zulfikar Hayat started the trial by forming charges against him