Damaged Hardinge Bridge in 1971

In 1889, the then undivided Government of India proposed the construction of a bridge over the Padma River to facilitate Kolkata’s connectivity with Assam, Tripura, Nagaland and North Bengal. Later, in 1908 AD, British engineer Sir Robert Gales took responsibility for the construction of the bridge.

In 1909, the survey for the construction of the bridge was started. Between 1910 and 1911 AD, embankments were built to protect bridges on both banks of the Padma. The construction of the guide bank of the bridge started in 1912 AD. Also started construction of bridge girder. Wells are dug for construction of girders. 24 thousand workers worked tirelessly for 5 years and completed the construction of the bridge in 1915 AD. Lord Hardinge was the then Viceroy of undivided India. The bridge was named Hardinge Bridge after him. 3 crore 51 lakh 32 thousand 1 hundred and 64 rupees were spent on the construction of the bridge. The length of the bridge is 5 thousand 8 hundred feet. The bridge has 15 spans. During the Liberation War in 1971 AD, the span number 12 was damaged when a bomb was dropped on the bridge. which has since been repaired.
Hardinge Bridge is located on Padmani at Ishwardi Bheramara. Only trains pass through the bridge. Bangladesh Railway is in charge of maintenance and safety of the bridge. 2015 marks the centenary of the construction of this Hardinge Bridge