What is Dev’s political future?

From the big screen to the political arena, popular Tollywood actor Dev has equally excelled in both. What is Dev’s political future in India’s upcoming national elections? He stated his position himself.
Deb has agreed to be a candidate again after several meetings. But somewhere there is a sound of regret in Dev’s voice.
He said, even if he wants to, politics will not leave him. For the past few days, there have been speculations about Dev’s political future. Dev made such a comment in that.
On Saturday first, Deb held a meeting with Trinamool All India Secretary Abhishek Banerjee for about an hour. After that, he went to Kalighat and held a meeting with Mamata Banerjee for more than half an hour.
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According to party sources, Trinamool’s star MP has agreed to contest the Lok Sabha elections for the third time for the party. However, there is still confusion about where he will be a candidate.
After this, Dev made suggestive comments to the media while leaving Kalighat. He said, I will say only one thing, which I said while leaving the airport. I said, even if I want to go out or not stand, it will not happen. Didi’s opinion is important. What I understand, see, even if I want to leave politics, politics will not leave me.

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