Highway Police got modern technology ‘Body Worn Camera’

service quality and ensuring transparency, accountability and professionalism, highway police has launched ‘Body Worn Camera Live Streaming’ with modern technology.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal inaugurated this technology at a function organized on the occasion of ‘Highway Police Service Week 2024’ at Rajarbagh Police Lines in the capital on Tuesday. This time the slogan of the Highway Police Service Week is ‘Such orderly and secure highways’.

Meanwhile, this police unit has already launched the ‘Hello HP’ app to provide quick assistance in any kind of unexpected accident on the highway. Any unit of the Highway Police will arrive within 20 to 25 minutes of alerting someone in danger on the highway through Hello HP Apps.

Chief Additional IGP of Highway Police. Shahabuddin Khan said, with the help of body worn cameras, all the operational activities of the highway police on the highway are being directly monitored centrally and regionally through the control room. Apart from this, all the highway users can receive the emergency services of the highway police by touching the emergency button through the Hello HP app.


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