Cricketer Shakib is the brand ambassador of Bhaiya Group

Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan has signed an agreement with MP Bhaiya Group as a brand ambassador. On Friday afternoon, the group signed an official agreement with Shakib on the branding issue at the Sheraton Hotel in the capital.

Apart from Shakib Al Hasan, Bhaiya Group Managing Director Maruf Sattar Ali Russell, Bhaiya Hotels and Resorts Limited Managing Director Yobair Islam Shawon, Bhaiya Group Director Kayes Ahmed Salim, Dainik Rupali Bangladesh editor and publisher Md. Sayem Faruqi, and other guests were present.

Shakib Al Hasan said on the occasion that the famous industrial group in Bangladesh is Bhaiya Group. Their business style is very good. At present, a five-star hotel is under construction in Cox’s Bazar. Their investment has added a new dimension to the development of Cox’s Bazar tourism industry. Bangladesh is a very beautiful country. We are far behind in terms of tourism. From there, such initiatives will play an important role in the tourism industry in the future. Bhaiya Hotels and Resorts Limited has been hailed as the most popular risk-free halal investment vehicle among five-star hotels under construction in Cox’s Bazar. Besides, Bhaiya Group is working with various tourist centers in the country. Domestic and foreign tourists will be able to enjoy the benefits of their initiatives very quickly.

Bangladesh will benefit from it. Besides, foreign tourists will also be attracted, he said. Thanking Bhaiya Group for such an initiative, Shakib said, I hope I and Bhaiya Group can work together for the country. Maruf Sattar Ali Russell, managing director of many Suna Bhaiya groups in the country, said that we will work together to establish the tourism sector of Cox’s Bazar with the aim of ensuring halal earnings through honesty, efficiency, and improved services. We are proud to have world-class all-rounder Bengal Tiger Shakib Al Hasan as our brand ambassador and are always determined to ensure transparency in our responsibilities.

Kayes Ahmed Salim, director of Bhaiya Group, said that Bhaiya Group works for the welfare of the country and its people.

doing Now the world’s best all-rounder, Shakib Al Hasan, will also work with us. It is a great joy and glory. Bhaiya Group will go far in the future with everyone’s efforts.

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