1200-year-old architecture in Saudi mosque!

Saudi Arabia is a very important country in the history of Islam. And the historical old city of this country is the city of Jeddah. Where numerous history and traditions are hidden. There, 1,200 years old architectural monuments were found inside the Othman bin Affan mosque.

A project is undertaken to find out the historical monuments that exist in the city. As part of that project, ancient parts of the old mosque were found. This activity was carried out by the Jeddah Historical Department Project (JHDP). Through this, the history of the 1,200-year-old mosque has come out.

The mosque also exhibits a traditional architectural style with an open and a covered prayer space.

Note that this mosque has been renovated several times. The last renovation took place in the 20th century. However, no changes were made to its original Mirhub and spatial design.

Hundreds of artifacts have also been unearthed through archaeological excavations. Through this, the stability of the mosque and various techniques and materials used in the construction in several stages have been revealed.

Among them are clay tiles, plaster and traditional tiles. which were used in the floor of the mosque in a masterful manner.

An ancient water tank was also found under the mosque. Which is about 800 years old. The method used by the people of Jeddah to solve the water problem has also been discovered through this archaeological excavation.

Porcelain vessels and water vessels were also found inside the mosque. They are hundreds of years old